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THE NEST- Residents Show 1”- Five artists from The Nest in Bridgeport will exhibit their work at Nylen Gallery in April/May.

Reception: Friday, May 6, 2016, 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

On view April 20 1st through May 21, Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-5:30pm, Sat. 9:30am-5pm.Nylen Gallery at Picture This, 772 Post Road East, 203-227-6861.

THE NEST- Residents Show 1 featuring Rick Schafer, Carolina Guimary, Janice Sweetwater, Joe Provey and Phyllis Lee.
Nylen Gallery is proud to introduce Westport to the artists of The Nest in the first of two planned shows.

About the Nest:
The NEST Arts Factory is a community of artists working in a wide variety of media in a reimagined factory building on the west side of Bridgeport, Connecticut. Open space and a dedicated gallery within the NEST allow both performing and visual artists to share their work with the community. 

Mission Statement: To showcase and nurture artists, musicians, and the creative process. To provide a unique and inspiring environment to explore and discover art and music while enabling artists and musicians to experiment and collaborate across disciplines and media.

The NEST began as an outgrowth of Cricket Hosiery Co, the first company to combine the use of knitting machines with computers to design and produce graphic socks. Founded in1985 by Vic Mulaire and located in the old Casco building on Railroad Ave in Bridgeport CT, Cricket Hosiery employed a number of graphic artists to design socks and stockings, establishing an early relationship with the arts community. Doug Mulaire, artist and photographer, and his wife Susan Taylor, also an artist, were instrumental in the early years of this endeavor. 

In 1996 sculptor John Carnright set up the first studio in excess factory space. And thus the community began.  Other artists soon joined, with early founders David Flynn, Jed Wolf, Peter Konsterlie, Peter Duveen, Marie Riviera, Bob Ledoux, and Joe Provey, followed by many others.

Cricket Hosiery eventually moved to the present location at Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport, but sadly did not survive the recession. Artist easels and drawing tables replaced knitting machines as the space gave over entirely to the new NEST Arts Factory.


Rick Shaefer
“If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.” –Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid 1800’

“Crows, and their larger cousin Ravens, have been generally annoying humans for centuries—and vice versa. Crows meanwhile blithely go about their business of adapting and flourishing. They are almost as smart as we are; topping the avian IQ scale and considered one of the world’s most intelligent animals. Drawing their endless array of emotions and gestures has been such a delight that I have done over 50 feet of Crow Drawings, all perched along a barbed wire fence.”

The Crow Drawings presented here are part of a series of life-size charcoal drawings of various flora and fauna done by artist Rick Shaefer of scenes and objects (in the case of the trees and crows) found in close proximity to his home in Connecticut. With this series of drawings he has introduced a new vocabulary of mark making, of drawn lines, that both capture the tremendous detail that makes these works compelling and a degree of looseness that would allow for a certain flow in the act of the drawing itself – a more gestural and calligraphic approach. In isolating these subjects with little in the way of context or environment and presenting them life-size, the artist places them before us as iconic and almost spiritual totems. 

Rick Shaefer has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and with Sears Peyton and William Holman galleries in NYC.

Phyllis Lee
Bird People
Do animals and birds remind me of people or the other way around? The work I am doing now refers to both, especially in their gestures and postures. I am happy to paint an occasional landscape or make a decorative object, but figures, especially in clay, really interest me. They seem to develop a personality. I can imagine what they might say or do, but I hope viewers will find their own interpretation. 

Sculpture was my major at Cornell’s College of Art. I came back to it about seven years ago after raising a large family, doing some commercial art and painting Vermont landscapes while a resident there. 

Phyllis has shown her work in numerous group and solo exhibitions, and in regional galleries. Her work can be seen at the Nest Arts Factory in Bridgeport, CT during open studios and by appointment.


“THE NEST- Residents Show 1”
Five artists from The Nest in Bridgeport

Friday, May 6, 2016, 5:30pm to 7:30pm.

On view April 20 1st through May 21
Mon.-Fri. 9:30am-5:30pm, Sat. 9:30am-5pm
Nylen Gallery at Picture This
772 Post Road East, 203-227-6861.


Carolina Guimarey
I explore the concept of duality or unity of opposites such as the permanent and the temporal, the everlasting and the ephemeral, the real and the virtual, and the perceived social interaction and the existential isolation of our times. In a post-minimalist vocabulary, my works visually synthesize image, form and trace process as explorations of surface, material and texture.

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, I studied sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and filmmaking in Buenos Aires, Argentina and continued my education at University of Connecticut and Silvermine School of Arts. 

Carolina has exhibited work in several in art galleries, museums and art centers. She has participated in numerous solo and selected group shows and many of her works are in private collections in several countries, including Italy, Spain, and the US.

Janice Sweetwater
Good Vibrations
I attended the Chicago Art Institute, studying painting and sculpture. It was there where I was inspired to paint in oils and acrylics. Being primarily a landscape artist, I frequently explore New England looking for Mother Nature’s best work to transpose and interpret. Typically, I sketch and take photos of subjects on location and then return to my studio to put brush on canvas.

I recognized my passion for art early in high school and with encouragement from my art teachers and artistic family, I began to transform my surroundings in landscapes of Color as Light. I am constantly evolving and changing and experimenting with new ideas and techniques. For me, color is energy, a vibration, and I am using these frequencies as a healing modality for both my audience and myself.

Janice Sweetwater has shown her work in numerous solo and group exhibitions.

Joe Provey
Paint Magic 
I enjoy discovering new ways to paint, many of which can be seen in my recent series of seascapes and landscapes. My current fascination is with layering oil glazes over a “base painting” that has been roughed in with oils or acrylics. Doing so creates unexpected and intriguing “surprises.” Paints and mediums are applied with palette knives, rags, gloved fingers, and even eyedroppers … but almost never with a brush. In my work, wiping away paint is nearly as important as applying it. My goal is to paint in ways analogous to how light falls, how the sea moves, how trees grow, and how buds bloom. I like it best when a painting just happens.

My subjects are often from nature, especially the sea, beaches, trees, leaves, flowers, and stones. I strive toward presenting the natural beauty I see and feel. My paintings approach being abstract but always have a foot planted in “reality.” 

Largely self-taught, I love to visit museums and galleries, and to discuss art with anyone who stops by my studio at the Nest Art Factory. In the distant past, I studied art history at Boston College and Brown University. 

Joe has participated in several group exhibitions and is seeking gallery representation.


Nylen Gallery at Picture This, 772 Post Road East in Westport is open Monday through Friday, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturday’s 9:30 am to 5 pm.

For more information, call Wendy Nylen at 203-227-6861.


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