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Gayle Gleckler and Tony Woolner share their “Two Views of India”,  images and inspirations of an Indian Honeymoon

On view July 25th-August 31st, 2012

Opening Reception: Friday July 27th From 5:30 - 7:30 PM

In this show, which is their fourth collaboration, Gayle and Tony take inspiration from a romantically charged road trip through Rajasthan, India… the couple's honeymoon! Gayle's acrylic paintings and Tony's Monoprints are based on their favorite photographic images from India where Gayle says, “Wherever your eyes looked, they danced with surprising color and culture!" 


Gayle describes their trip of a lifetime: “The Palace on Wheels promised we would feel like a Maharaja and Maharani. They did not over promise or disappoint. The minute we entered the Safdarjung Railway Station in New Delhi we were transformed. Handed a glass of champagne by distinguished elegant Indian men wearing turbans, we were instantaneously smothered with intoxicatingly fragrant garlands of blazing orange attention-getting Marigolds.
As if I wasn't head over heels in Marigolds they inked my forehead with the glorious red dot, Bindi, between my eyes. They got me. I was seduced. I began my journey as the Ohio girl officially on my Indian Journey, never to be the same again. We were dined with excellent Indian cuisine and choo-chooed our way through an adventuresome dreamlike Rajasthan night. Awakened by our personal man servant Hadsha, who loved Tony and rubbed his feet. Every morning we had an intimate breakfast warmed with an exquisite Marsala Chai Tea.

That day was "the Pink City" of Jaipur, an ancient city, totally unique as a walled in city still functioning within small quarters, families, and tight stoned alley ways and streets, the women in our group instantly became Jaipur Shopaholics bargaining down any hand woven rug, gemstone jewelry, bowls carved out of camel bone, soft cotton tunics. We were wild. We were loose. We were at the ancient Fashion Mall of Jaipur, simply helpless at the hand of our addiction. A delight to any artist, The Pink City looked as if God had painted it in pastels of pink and earthen hues. So the height of our experience was atop a festively decorated elephant up a very steep mountain to the Amber Fort. Later we slept the night away after a scrumptious Indian Cuisine dinner on a white tablecloth with fresh flowers and new friends from all over the world.

Woken at 5:30 by a man mesmerized by Tony's feet, we were served coffee in bed and ushered to Sawai Madhopur, The Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve where we went on a mini safari viewing lots of wildlife including monkeys, peacocks and a tiger. That night we went to one of my favorite places, Chittorgarth. An unprecedented sunset shown over a magnificent walled town and palaces crawling with user friendly monkeys and their babies. A phenomenal light show depicted their years of reign only to finally be totally defeated... but not in spirit.

Udaipur "The Blue City" was the next day.
This was so refreshing in every way. The look, the air, the bright blue reflections of an entire city largely built in alabaster glistening white against the water. This is where the James Bond movie, Octopussy was shot. Our serene boat ride with afternoon tea and crumpets were unforgettable.


"Grand Opening, Seven Lantern Pub" by Peter Landa, pen and ink

Gayle Gleckler and Tony Woolner

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Then we choo-chooed on to 'The Golden City" of Jaisalmer.  A day of startling cultural and environmental contrasts, we went from the cool of Gadisor Lake to the stark light and beige sands of camel rides in the desert miles away.

Not to miss a color, the next day was "The Indigo City of Jodfur, where we toured amazing museums and palaces, some with walls 120" high and 70" thick. And what could the finest tour ever be in Rajastha without the Taj Mahal? Built in memory of his beloved Empress by Emperor Shah Johan, this magnificent marble mausoleum is the greatest gesture of love known to mankind. What honeymoon could be more perfect for two artists who love each other and this amazing country they discovered together? Gayle is encouraging Tony to build a small Taj Mahal for her. Nothing big… just something modest!”

Tony Woolner is a professional architect who graduated from Rhode Island School of Design and did his graduate work in Architecture at Harvard. Tony has won awards for his contemporary home designs that have been featured in World Residential Design, Architectural Digest, Casa Vogue, The New York Times, L'Architecttura, House Beautiful, Architects Own Houses of The World and Houses Architects Live In. As an artist, Tony has evolved an original monoprint technique over the years using a blend of mediums to achieve his result.

Gayle Gleckler has had a successful career in advertising, beginning as an Art Director at Young & Rubicam, and eventually becoming Executive Vice President, Creative Director at Foote, Cone and Belding. She created many award-winning campaigns, the most well known being "I'm Gonna Wash that Gray Right Outta My Hair" for Clairol. She then opened her own advertising agency, Gleckler and Partners, growing it to a 17 million dollar company. Along the way she also co-wrote, produced and cast "The Lords of Flatbush", Sylvester Stallone and Henry Winkler's first movie. Her interest in art goes back to her studies at University of Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Design. She went on to graduate studies at NYU and taught Graphic Concept classes at The School of Visual Arts in NYC.

Tony and Gayle's other two person shows include "In Plane View" in 2010 and "Happy Chinese New Year" in 2011 at the Picture This Nylen Gallery. In December 2011 they opened their third show "Discovering Portugal" at Rockwell Art and Framing in Ridgefield.
Gayle was one of the nine artists juried in for Westport Arts Center's SOLOS SHOW 2011, featuring only nine artists. Five of her figure paintings were exhibited. She won First Place in the Silvermine Art Student's Show for painting in 2007 and 2010.

Tony's monoprint "Pawling" was featured in the 34th Annual Juried Ridgefield Guild of Artists Show in September 2011.  Gayle and Tony both had pieces juried in to the Putnam Arts Center Show on October 2011. And Gayle had a piece "Contemplation" in the 35th Annual Juried Ridgefield Guild of Artists Show in 2012.



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