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Susan Newbold

Susan Newbold

Artist’s Statement:

“Line is the scaffolding of our visual experience, orienting an artist in the world of perspective. With line one creates context, boundaries and a framework in which the artist is able to establish a point of view for narrative. My objective is to break the rules of this linear narrative and organize space lyrically, expressing the essence of the landscape. The longer one looks, the more space grows until it becomes altogether different. The one point perspective is then disabled by having many vantage points, and the viewer’s eyes are allowed to wander, to experience the infinity of line and ultimately what lies between the lines.”


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“The French countryside presents just such a joyful contradiction. Tracing its exuberant order and sensuous natural rhythms, I discovered in it the legendary French love of living. In the same way we better understand our own language by learning another, understand our own culture by contrasting it with another, by looking at our world from a ‘disoriented’ linear orientation we arrive at its essence. Every vantage point was a fresh occasion. Sunflower fields and wild wheat fell into an unruly order only to unravel in ribbons of passionate color. Oil pastel, pen and ink, watercolor and printmaking have been my vocabulary-each medium contributing its own quality of line to capture the extraordinary prism of the landscape.”

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